Outdoor Great Room

Artistic Gardenscapes installed this colossal-scale flagstone patio to curve around an established tree. With the stone floor and the canopy of the tree providing a “ceiling,” this outdoor space becomes a new room for the family to relax and spend time together, with a climate regulated by the natural properties of the stone and shade.

You might note that the space left for the tree is quite generous compared to most installations. This is not only to allow the tree to grow with minimal modifications to the stone, but also to allow the tree’s root flare to remain exposed and take in carbon dioxide, keeping it healthy and safeguarding this natural source of shade. Woodland ferns are chosen to fill in the space but still leave plenty of “breathing room.”

Artistic Gardenscapes Portfolio

Artistic Gardenscapes of Dallas

Artistic Gardenscapes provides premier landscaping and hardscaping design services for homes and businesses throughout the Dallas area. Below you will find a small sampling of our work.

Please keep checking back as we add more of our garden projects throughout the fall and in next spring.